Park electrocution: Will real culprits be punished, asks shattered father


BENGALURU: Heart-breaking scenes prevailed at labour contractor Nagaraj’s house in Grape Garden, Kammanahalli, on Monday afternoon.

While Nagaraj was at loss of words, his wife Gowramma was being consoled by neighbours and relatives, as their elder son Uday Kumar’s body lay ready to be taken on its final journey. The boy was electrocuted in a BBMP park on Sunday evening.


For months, a live wire lies unattended in a park where children play. It takes the death of an eight-year-old boy to rouse Bescom, BDA and BBMP, but only to assign blame. Officials in each of the departments involved in the park works must be held accountable for their criminal negligence. From those who perhaps turned a blind eye to power being drawn illegally to those who did not ensure the work was completed to those who did not bother to put up a warning sign, every authority must be brought to book. Only stringent action across the board will prove an effective deterrent.

“Nagaraj wasn’t at home when the incident took place. He collects payments from customers and distributes it to his labourers every weekend. On Sunday, he was distributing payments near Hennur Main Road when the tragedy struck. When he reached the hospital, he broke down on learning about his son’s death,” said Velayudhan, a neighbour.

“Gowramma was working with a garment factory and quit the job two years ago to look after sons. Every evening, she’d accompany them to the park. Saying it’d be too crowded on Sundays, she stayed home and let her sons go by themselves,” said Vimala Subbanna, another neighbour, adding, “She was preparing for dinner when she was told about the accident.”

“We told her Uday is seriously injured and hospitalised. None of us had the heart to reveal the truth to her. Gowramma learnt about the death only when the ambulance carrying the body reached the house on Monday,” said Vimala.

“Is it not the BBMP’s fault? How can they leave live electrical wires unattended in a place where children play? Who is responsible for the death of my son? Will law punish the real culprits,” asked Nagaraj.

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