Bengaluru sweats as first summer day records near-record 37°C


BENGALURU: The city wilted under a harsh sun on Thursday — the first day of summer — seeing a near-record temperature of 37°C for March.

In 1996, the city recorded 37.3°C and in 2017, it was 37.2°C. Compared to 2017, the highest recorded temperature in 2018 dropped to 34.1 degrees celsius, much closer to the mean average recorded over the past

“Normally, the temperature is within the range of 32°C and 34°C due to easterly waves that affect cloud formation in the southern peninsula. This time, as the easterly waves are missing and sky is clear, the temperature is likely to be between 35°C and 36°C for most part of next week,” said Geeta Agnihotri, director-in-charge, Indian Meteorological Department (IMD), Bengaluru. The IMD had, in the last week of February, warned that Bengaluru would face hot days this year. Even February had seen some days with near-record high temperatures. Agnihotri, while stating that forecast for the coming days will depend on how the easterly waves behave, said the temperature could slightly get higher till the waves move towards the peninsula

Meanwhile, people are struggling to cope with the surge in mercury level. Gururaj Hosamani, a resident of Malleswaram, found it hard to step out of home. “It is just the beginning of March and I am already using an umbrella during the day,” he said.