Hospital staff stop bikers as they refuse to get off footpath


BENGALURU: A photograph of a group of hospital staffers stopping two bikers riding on the footpath near Kundalahalli Gate signal has gone viral on social media.

The employees of Sankara Eye Hospital, Kundalahalli, said they stopped the two riders, including a delivery partner of food delivery aggregator Zomato, when they refused to get off the pavement.

“We were on our way for lunch when we saw the two riders on the footpath coming directly towards us. We requested them to get off the footpath meant for pedestrians. But they refused to budge, following which we decided to stand on the footpath and block their way,” said Yesu Samuel, head of business development at the hospital.

“Finally, a volunteer of citizens’ collective Whitefield Rising who heard the argument, rolled down the window of his vehicle and told the bikers that the incident and photo would be circulated on social media. Only after this, the bikers got off the footpath. Riding on the pavement to beat traffic is a common sight near the congested Kundalahalli Gate signal,” Samuel added.

The viral social media post by the Whitefield Rising member read, “Witnessed something fantastic today at the Kundalahalli Gate signal and would like to give a shout out to these amazing guys. A group of Sankara Eye Hospital employees were walking down the pavement when they came across these two shameless two-wheeler riders riding on the pavement. The Sankara employees peacefully, politely asked them to get down the pavement multiple times, but the two-wheelers refused. So they just stood there blocking the way of the two-wheelers.”

Manoj Jeswani, chief of operations, Sankara Eye Hospital, who was also at the spot, pointed out how the impromptu decision to block the bikers was an effort to “educate” them about the perils of riding on the footpath.

“This is extremely risky for pedestrians. I see patients from our hospital struggling to walk or wait outside the pavement. Besides our hospital, there is also a cancer hospital and a mall in the area, and hence there is heavy pedestrian traffic. Riding on the footpath is dangerous for pedestrians and we realised that an effort had to be made to educate the riders peacefully,” said Manoj.

Since the incident involved one of its delivery partners, Zomato, in a reply to the post on Twitter, said, “Rules are meant to be followed and we totally agree to this. Violation of traffic rules is never something we appreciate or promote. We’ll make sure to convey the same to the rider team sternly in order to prevent occurrence of such incidents.”