Bengaluru: Ejipura-Koramangala flyover may not meet April deadline


BENGALURU: The Ejipura-Koramangala flyover, slated to decongest traffic on the 100ft Intermediate Ring Road stretch between Ejipura Main Road-Inner Ring Road Junction and Hosur Road junction near Kendriya Sadan, is set to miss its first deadline — April. And, given the pace at which hurdles to the construction are being removed, the second deadline — June — is expected to be missed too.

With 49 properties yet to be acquired, the 2.4km flyover has 67 of its 81 piers in place. Work order for the flyover was issued in May 2017, but traffic cops took their time giving clearance, delaying work by five months. When police permission was finally granted on October 6, 2017, pier-testing work took two months.

“Civil police again took over 270 days to give permission for controlled blasting, which further delayed the project,” said a senior BBMP official.

“The project seems to be a never-ending one. The civic body doesn’t seem interested in completing the work,” rued Vijay RM, an employee with Embassy Golf Links in Domlur.

Vijay, a resident of Bannerghatta Road, drives to office every day and complained about the traffic congestion. “I spend nearly four hours navigating traffic and bad roads,” he said.

BBMP is yet to acquire 8,000 sqft of land for the flyover. “We need 49 properties, including 5000 sqft area of St John’s Hospital, another property that belongs to the central public works department and 948 sqft of land in the Indian Institute of Astrophysics campus,” a BBMP official said. A 2.5-metre-wide footpath is to come up in these acquired properties.

“We have to come up with a solution and as St John’s has agreed for TDR, we have sent the files and are waiting for approval. But another 1,630 sqft of property belonging to a private individual will have to be acquired by paying a compensation of Rs 9,300 per sqmt,” the official said, adding, “The contractor has been informed to complete all the work, including capping, construction of piers and asphalting.”

Confirming that 67 out 81 piers have been already erected, BBMP commissioner BH Anil Kumar said, “We need to build portal structures near St John’s and that will be done soon. The project should be completely operational by mid-2020.”

Koramangala corporator M Chandrappa, however, said erecting 90-foot-tall piers involves a lot of work. “There are safety issues too. Precision is the key if the structure has to be safe,” he added.