4 Reasons Bangalore is known as the AC City of India

Cubbon-Park: AC city of India, Bangalore India (Bengaluru)
Photo: www.tourmyindia.com

The beautiful city of Bangalore (Bengaluru) located in the southern state of Karnataka, India, is envied for its cool and pleasant climate throughout the year. Bangalore is known as the AC city of India, though a few days in the summer months of April and May can get pretty warm. Bangalore still enjoys a balanced climate making it one of the most sought after residential destinations in India.

Cubbon Park: AC city of India, Bangalore India (Bengaluru)
Photo: www.rovertechie.com

Four reasons Bangalore is known as the AC city of India

  1. Location of Bangalore, India, is almost at an equal distance from the Arabian Sea in the west and Bay of Bengal in the east (approx. 300 km. on each side).
  2. Bangalore is at an elevation of about 920 meters above sea level due to which the city witnesses less humidity.
  3. Numerous gardens/parks in Bangalore like Cubbon Park, Lalbaug Botanical Garden, etc. help maintain the cool climate in the city. This has rightly given Bangalore its term as the Garden City, and thus the AC city of India.

    Lalbaug Botanical Garden: AC city of India, Bangalore India (Bengaluru)
    Photo: www.arenaflowers.co.in
  4. When it rains in Bangalore, it pours bringing with it strong wind and sometimes, ice rains in summer. This is very unique to Bangalore and it helps keep the city cool even in the summers. It can rain on any day in Bangalore due to its location. It is a good idea to always keep an umbrella handy.
Rain and Hail: AC city of India, Bangalore India (Bengaluru)
Photo: Poornima Poojary

Summers can get pretty warm and you may feel like investing in an AC. But it is just a matter of 2 months which will pass before you know it. Other parts of India are extremely hot and humid as compared to Bangalore.

Recent past sees a steady increase in the temperatures during summer, the highest being recorded at 39 degrees Celsius in 2016. Constant urbanization and development of IT sectors are slowly ripping off the natural resources like lakes, forests and hills in the city.

How can we ‘service’ the AC city of India and help Bangalore retain that tag for long? Do share your thoughts and who knows, your idea may help save this tag.