8 Reasons You Will Want to Move to Bangalore/Bengaluru, India

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Bangalore/Bengaluru – call it the Silicon Valley of India, Garden City of India or Electronic City of India. Located in the southern state of Karnataka in India, Bangalore has caught quite a lot of attention of late. And majorly so due to multi-national companies setting up their base and opening opportunities like a bag of popcorn. My move to Bangalore shunned quite a lot of people, but damn, this was the right move!

Why Bangalore?

1Pleasant Climate

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Romance is always in the air here! Bangalore’s pleasant climate throughout the year is seriously something one would love to soak in. Know why it is also known as the AC city of India.

2Move to Bangalore – A City Full of the ‘Green Stuff’

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Beautiful botanical gardens in Bangalore make the weather so livable. A trip on the weekend is sure to refresh your senses.

3It’s an Opportunity!

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As mentioned earlier, the city of Bangalore has a lot of opportunities for the working group. It has become a massive dump-yard for major international companies that set up their base right here and help India speed-progress. We love this dump-yard, don’t we? It absolutely has made scores of the younger generation move to Bangalore.

4Wings for Kids

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I have seen my kid feel burdened with just studies in her previous school with no playground, sports and extra-curricular activities. In Bangalore, most schools come with very good infrastructures, playgrounds, a variety of sports facilities, extra-curricular activities, etc. It is so important to have facilities that groom children with different interests under one roof. Equal opportunity, I can say. The fees are obviously on the higher side, but I can already see a major positive change in my kid’s personality. My move to Bangalore is correct for sure now.

5Making Them Count

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‘Save Water’ – A term royally used, but not implemented. What really has been done to harvest all the precious rainwater to date? Water is surely drying up in Bangalore, but most new projects and quite a few old ones have implemented rainwater harvesting facilities making every drop count. The city deserves a round of applause and a lesson to all the major metros that are all talks and no action.

6Clean and Cleaner

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Any damn day! What a relief from the roads painted red with beetle leaf stains, garbage dumps, chocked drains (with all due respect) of Mumbai. Surely, a lot of positivity is created just by changing the way we live, or in this case, the place we live.

7It’s a Breather!

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Looking at the growth of this city, this (pricing) point may be taken off the list in the near future. Most Bangalore homes have large living spaces. Prices of apartments depend on the location; however, they are much better priced than most metros as of now.

8Holidays Closeby

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Beautiful weekend destinations like Nandi Hills, Kolar, Wayanad, etc. are ideal break-off points from your routine. Other amazing holiday destinations near Bangalore like Sakleshpura, Chickamagalur can be your long weekend getaways.

These are some of the major points that make me happy to have moved to Bangalore. Feel free to share a reason why moving to Bangalore has been the right decision for you. Or do you feel otherwise?